The Doghouse Lathrop, LLC

It is with many mixed emotions we officially announce the closing of The Doghouse! Our last day of business will be May 31, 2022. Please know this decision was strictly a voluntary one on our part. We are a very proud woman-owned business that built this business from scratch. You will find our blood sweat & tears in this business back to the beginning in 2007! We are ready to relax & have some time for ourselves now.

As we think back at all the memories, we realized how many of you are like close friends & even like family. We have taken care of your new pups or family dogs when you had engagement parties, weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, moved into new houses, welcomed babies, sent those babies off to school, toured colleges, attended youth sport tournaments, sent them off to college or to do military service or to relocate for a new job! We have taken care of your pups & dogs when there was house remodeling to be done, the housekeeper, landscaper or pool guy was coming. When your flooring was being cleaned or replaced. We have taken care of your pups & dogs when the weather was too hot or too cold to walk them or if you just wanted to pamper your furry friend & let them have a day of play. Some pups needed a safe place to be when loud booming noises were going off on certain holidays! Some of you needed us so you could go to doctor appointments or surgeries or take care of an ailing family member or be free to see your grandchildren! Sometimes, we were there to care for your pups so you could say goodbye to a loved one. It was hard for us, too when you moved away or when it was time to say goodbye to your beloved pup. We tried to be there for you in the busy times during spring break, summertime & holidays so you could enjoy the lake, the beach, camping or a long-awaited cruise! So many of you related to & shared our passion of Giants Baseball, Disneyland or the flowers & plants blooming at the front door. We tried hard to make The Doghouse a little jewel in the rough & a place you trusted your favorite furry friend to spend time at.

Thank you to all for your loyalty & for trusting us with your best friend. We hope you have been happy with The Doghouse. We will miss you! And, we are excited for a new chapter in our lives!

Linda, Ann & Gloria
The Doghouse Lathrop, LLC
3 Dog Chicks, LLC